A List Of Bikes For The Cycling Enthusiast

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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cycling enthusiast, you should always take time in choosing the bike that would best fit your needs. Some mountain bikers would like to try out a new hobby and shift to road biking and vice versa.

When you’re trying to pick the perfect bike for you, consider what your group is using. You won’t keep up if you’re going road biking and you brought a cruiser. And you need to buy a dirt bike if you want to join your friends on the sand. Also, you should decide how much money you can invest in the bike.

Once you have these things in mind, you can choose the bike that best suits you. Here’s a list of the different types of bicycles that every cycling enthusiast should know about.

 Types Of Bikes

Road bikes. With slender tires, a small wheelbase, and a lightweight body frame, road bikes are meant for high-speed treks and tours. They are not indicated for rugged terrain biking. The small frame of these bikes allows them to fit into fenders or cargo racks for travel to other states.

Mountain bikes. This is the best type of bike to use for graveled roads and rugged terrains. They are built with lower gears and wide handlebars to allow for better steering control. The low gears also enable you to climb sharp terrains. Although they don’t go as fast as the road bikes, the mountain bikes are also suitable for urban area use because of high-quality shock absorbers that offer stability and durability even when riding on curbs and potholes. Mountain bikes usually come in two varieties – the full suspension and the hardtail bikes.

Hybrids. Hybrids are a mountain bike and road bike combined. They are great for short distances on cemented roads, which is why most people who live in the city bike to work or stroll in the park. They feature suspension forks and a slimmer frame, offering a smoother and faster ride compared to the mountain bikes.

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BMX bikes. Popular in course and trail competitions. These are single-gear bicycles that have a much lower frame compared to other bikes. They feature front and rear brakes, which are suitable for dirt racing and street riding. However, they are not indicated for commuting due to their low seat position.

Touring bikes. These types of bike are best for traveling long distances, as they allow one to bring clothes and other items. They have low gears and more durable components that allow cycling with heavy baggage over sharp inclines. They come with fender attachments and rack mounts.

Cruisers. These are popular types of bikes today because of their profile, which is classic 1930s. With wide tires and padded bike seats, it offers a convenient biking experience on boulevards and flat terrains. They are usually built with heavy frames, but newer models now use aluminum frames. They are also called beach bikes.

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The above-mentioned types are only among the most popular bikes in the world that are used by cycling enthusiasts young and old alike. There are many more types that you can choose from, just not as frequently used as the ones on the list. Now, have you decided on what to buy?




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