Cycling Towards Mental Wellness 

When we reach mental and emotional maturity, typically at the age of 30 onwards, we start to recognize that the most valuable thing in life is our health. We have probably spent a decade doing harmful things to it. It is when we begin to feel a little discomfort such as some back and shoulder pains. It is only then that we start to think about our mortality and the ways to restore our health.


Overall wellness requires balance among all aspects of an individual including mental health. You can’t be healthy if you have psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. Furthermore, these mental health conditions may result in severe medical conditions such as heart and respiratory problems.

There are several physical activities which can help people nowadays. For people who can afford, they can go on a treadmill. It is a machine used for stationary walking and running. It is an alternative for people who cannot or do not want to go outdoors to run. However, if you could not afford a treadmill or you are more into doing physical activities in the park or the neighborhood, then you can go for the traditional cycling.


What Are The Benefits Of Cycling For Mental Wellness?

Reduces Stress

Cycling reduces stress as it lets you focus on the pedaling and the activity itself. It reduces tension and worries as well, and it makes you forget about your daily stressors. Physical activities lower the level of cortisol which is also known as stress hormones.


Reduces Anxiety

Cycling stimulates the production of endorphins also known as the happy hormone. It gives us the feeling of bliss and contentment. When you feel comfortable and content, you stop to think and chase other things which often you have no idea what. When a person has anxiety, he loses the freedom to think openly about other things as he tends to be a prisoner of his constant worries and thoughts.


Reduces Depression

Physical activities help brighten the mood. Cycling avoids depressed thoughts as it also encourages you to go outdoors. Depressed people often isolate themselves and do not have an interest in seeing the outside world, and cycling contradicts this feeling.


Helps You Relax

Cycling helps you relax as it makes you focus on it – you pedaling, balancing, and the view as you go by a place. It makes your mind settle to a more pleasant thought instead of worrying about work and other stressors in life.


Boosts Social Skills

Cycling can also open the opportunity to meet other cycling enthusiasts. It is a chance to gain new friends and learn from other people, too. Sometimes, we are content with the life we have, and we do not anticipate any new people anymore, and getting a new hobby like cycling begins a new chapter in finding new relationships.


Boosts Self-Esteem

When we are familiar with and knowledgeable about a particular topic, we tend to be more confident. It is like having to know the lesson in class. We are full of positivity and certainty when we speak.


Increases Appreciation Of Life

Since cycling can help reduce stress and prevent depression, we get more time to appreciate life especially when we cycle around beautiful places. When we see the majestic scenery of the world we live in, we realize that there is more than just our worries, that life is indeed beautiful.


Cycling provides many benefits to our health as it helps tremendously in promoting mental wellness. It guides us to connect our body and mind, and we subconsciously coordinate with our muscles while we relax and stimulate our brain towards relaxation and better thinking. It is indeed one of the most enjoyable and less complicated ways to reclaim our health.


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