Wanting A Bike For The Second Time


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I remember the first time I wished for a bike was when I was five. It was Christmas when my dad asked what I wanted from Santa Claus, and I immediately exclaimed, “Bike!” The next morning, there was a blue bike with support wheels. I was so happy and right there and then I hopped on it. My dad was all smiles teaching me how to pedal. The following week, I didn’t have to look all sad and envious at other kids.

Then I grew up, and of course, I wanted other things. Life was tough as my dad passed when I was 14. I became depressed and along the way tried stuff I shouldn’t have like – drugs. I got lucky, if I may say because I got out of it without any help. I was proud of myself and at some point questioned whether addiction is real. I mean, I surpassed it! Seriously, it wasn’t easy. I tried it twice, and the feeling that it gave me was one of intense, unique, and satisfying, but I thought to myself, “Am I really going down this road? I don’t think so. My dad wouldn’t be proud of me.” So the next time a friend invited me, I knew how to respond. I never said it was easy though. It went through hell for a week, thinking I might be actually in it. I had hallucinations and the weird feeling of fearing something. It got me crazy for a while.

Fast forward to today. I am now an adult with a kid of my own. I am starting to feel some awkwardness in my body, and I guess it is my health telling me it is about time to take care of it, and for the second time in my life, I wished for a bike. I got one for my kid and me so that we can ride together.

Through Biking, I Expect To:

Get Rid Of Stress

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Things get pretty tough when you are an adult. There are tons of responsibilities that they could get the best of you. I get cranky and lash out on my kid sometimes, and that is something I need to address. Biking can relax our minds, and it is a great way to release our body from stress.

Be Healthy

As we get old, our body becomes weak and prone to illnesses. I couldn’t think of other workouts for me as I get bored in the gym. I find it monotonous that’s why I choose cycling to help me live a healthy life, and I plan to share this awareness to my kid, so he would know at an early age that health is essential.

Teach My Child Values

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Sure, I can buy my boy cool toys, but I would rather get him a bike than a tablet or computer. Today’s youth is all tap and slide. I don’t want that for my little one. I want him to grow up active, happy, and adventurous. I don’t want him to be a prisoner of the four corners of a screen.

Bond With My Child

I am a simple man, and I could bike in the park looking silly, but I don’t mind. One day, I had to pause, and I looked down on my right, where he was riding his bike babbling about stuff I don’t understand. He was happy, and that moment I felt different. It was like “the happiest moment of my life” feeling.

Biking can help us in many ways, but as for me, it means more personal. Having my first bike on that beautiful Christmas morning is definitely one to remember. It pretty much influenced how I wanted to live my life. Today, biking is an instrument for gaining wellness in all aspects of my life.




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