6 Bike Trails In The US You Don’t Want To Miss

When you are a bike enthusiast, there is no other place to be than the US. With its vast open spaces, trails are much favorable. There are places where you can see the view of the high mountains and coasts. It is such gratification to see them all while mounting your much-loved transportation. The experience is much more glorious and personal in a way because it’s just you, your bike, and the majestic, scenic views.

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There are many bike trails to check out in the land of America, but there are six of them you might want to try first. They are definitely six of the best, and after going across these rails, you may never stop searching for more scenic bike trails all across the globe.

Six Bike Trails You Should Check Out:

Cape Cod Rail Trail

The Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) in Massachusetts is perfect for those who love riding a bike and the beach. It consists of a 22-mile trail, and it goes from Dennis through Wellfleet passing by Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, and Eastham. The path is long but paved, perfect for those who want to relax afterward as the shore is waiting, perfect for watching the sunset.

Des Plaines River Trail

The Des Plaines River Trail (DPRT) is in northeast Illinois, near the Country Lake, comprised of about 31-mile bike ride. You will pass through bridges, underpasses, and 13 unbelievably lavish forest preserves. The path is a bit rocky with crushed limestone.

Litchfield Hills Trails

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The Litchfield Hills Trails is in Connecticut, also known as the foothills of the Berkshires comprises of a 97-mile bike route. It passes through picturesque towns of North Canaan, Warren, Washington, Woodbury, and Middlebury, follows the Housatonic River through the Housatonic Meadows State Park. The path is moderate to difficult comprised of hills and low mountain ranges.

Root River State Trail

The Root River State Trail is in Minnesota and is a 42-mile paved rail-trail. It passes through several bridges. You also wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck because of a broken bike as you will pass through six bike tune-up stations set up by the state’s Pedal Minnesota.

Great Glen Trails

The Great Glen Trails is in New Hampshire. The experience is similar to playing video games where you need to pass from the easiest to the most challenging level. The trail includes climbing one of the highest peaks of Mt. Washington. It is advisable for people who have been cycling for a while, using mountain bikes or comfort bikes. The difficulty of the trail pays off as you see the glorious beauty of the view from above.

Kingdom Trails

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The Kingdom Trails is a 35-mile ride in Vermont and is one of the most popular bike trails. It won the best in the country in a magazine. Any bike enthusiast knows that it is a haven. It comprises of rolling green hills and rich forests.

For some, biking is just a form of exercise needed to shed some sweat for health reasons. However, some people consider it as life. It is how they find purpose and happiness. There are those who have the rush to search for trails to discover. Some may have a travel or shopping bucket list while some have a biking trail bucket list.

If you find passion in pedaling, you would feel the desire to look for these scenic trails. There will always be the pursuit of great trails. The above places are among the best in the country, and it is a biker’s sin to not trail through them.

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